Are you feeling stuck, scattered, or stressed out? Do you (or your team) need to boost your clarity, creativity, confidence, and productivity so you can move forward? How about a fun way to reduce anxiety, stress, and ADHD issues?

I’m Dori Staehle, MBA, Founder and CEO of Rock the Next Stage, aka Dori the Drum Chick. I got pulled into entrepreneurship in 1995 thanks to our talented and creative kids, who asked to be homeschooled. It was then I discovered what really causes ADD/ADHD issues and was able to keep them and hundreds of other kids off of stimulants. I became an educational consultant, a sought-after speaker, and a strong advocate for gifted, talented, and creative kids and adults.

Since our kids had talent and no one to represent them, I started my second business, Next Stage Entertainment. I found, groomed, and booked over 900 local young bands and solo artists and managed a few bands as well.

After a freak accident in 2011, everything changed. All I could physically do was online coaching and consulting. However, I also discovered that I could use my hobby of drumming to help me heal. Through a combination of science and Divine intervention, two weeks of a special type of hand drumming completely healed my injuries and the rare disease the accident triggered. Therapeutic drumming then became a big part of my business.

I decided that I didn’t want to just move onto the next stage of my life, I wanted to rock it and help others do the same! And Rock the Next Stage was born!

I started with one drum and a dream: To offer hope, healing, and a game plan for success. I now have enough hand drums and percussion instruments for 50 people. It’s not African or Shamanic drumming and this ain’t your Mama’s drum circle. I discovered that when therapeutic drumming is combined with coaching or a talk, it creates a very powerful (and fun!) experience!

I became a percussionist 13 years ago (think Sheila E. without the stilettos). I play in my church band and with others and teach lessons on hand drums and the full drum set. Hard to believe my first job was at an international bank on Wall Street! Lol! I wrote a book called Find Your Divine Rhythm to help people rise up and rock their next stage and it hit #1 on Amazon.

I’m now also a Toca Percussion artist and have a large assortment of their drums. Check out my artist’s page!

You’re never too old and it’s never too late to rock what you’ve got!

Life’s short! Isn’t it time to rock YOUR next stage?

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Some testimonials:

Dori, you gave me my rhythm back! You have given me the tools to push me towards greater success. I am doing much better with the system you have taught me and I’m so proud of what I have accomplished! You are an excellent and very effective coach! ~ Anita B., Apex, NC

Dori’s sense of humor, creativity, and enthusiasm are contagious! We appreciated her weaving her story into her presentation as well as incorporating her music into her program! All of that combined made for a fun, out of the box, and thought-provoking event! I would highly recommend her for any type of speaking and or music engagement! ~Andrea Morrison, CAHEC, Raleigh, NC

Mrs. Dori (aka the Best Band Mom ever!), thanks for all the opportunities, support, and advice you’ve given me over the years. You rock! ~ Taylor Leopold, Wake Forest, NC. Singer/songwriter and solo artist.